Is Social Media Still A Worthwhile Investment for Your Business?

Social platforms have faced their fair share of scrutiny as of late, with Facebook taking the brunt of it. News around data breaches and PTSD among Newsfeed moderators has individuals and businesses alike questioning the channel’s sense of moral code — even leaving it altogether as a result.

And the reality is: you should be questioning your business’ presence on social media. You should be questioning it just as often as you do all other preferred marketing channels. Because the “set it and forget it” mindset will only get you so far, especially as it relates to digital.

If you’re not currently seeing much value in the social media game, pause before jumping to abandon ship. With a few strategic adjustments to your approach, social media may still be worth investing in for your business.

Manage Your Expectations

Social media for business has changed quite a bit since its early days when organic reach reigned supreme. And yet, it’s not uncommon for many owners to expect followers to flock in once a page has been created.

You need to embrace the hard truths of social media marketing and manage expectations accordingly. It truly is an investment of time, strategy, and in most cases, money.

With that being said, your social platforms should only be seen as one tool in your digital marketing toolbox. To get the most out of them, they should operate in tandem with all other distribution channels in motion: email, display advertising, SEO, and so on.

Pay to Play

As we’ve mentioned, the days of organic reach are long gone as more and more businesses compete for customer eyeballs. Users have also become desensitized to the content filling up their feeds thanks to oversaturation.

Maximizing the potential of your social channels will require a financial investment — whether you’re working with an ad budget or managing a group of influencers. Do your audience research, experiment with calls-to-action, and review performance metrics regularly.

Make an Effort to Measure ROI

It’s frustrating to see a lack of return on your social media investment as a small business owner. But does the ROI you’re measuring against align with your overall goal?

Whether you’re using a platform’s native insights or a third party social media analytics tool, don’t feel the need to track every single data point made available to you. Similarly, don’t feel the need to have a presence on every single channel. The name of the game is: focus. Be methodical about what makes the most sense for your business objectives and track performance accordingly.

Share Content of Value

The value of quality content is higher than ever on social, as it is every other digital avenue you’re marketing through. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to post a certain number of times per week or adhere to very specific word counts.

There will always be guidelines and best practices to follow on social. And while you should be cognizant of them, don’t get boxed into cookie cutter postings. Put your audience and creativity on a pedestal — pushing content that engages above all else.

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