4 Company Perks to Offer Employees During Summer Months

The concept of employee perks is nothing new among a workforce that continues to champion company culture, mission, and values above all else. Yes — even salary.

More and more businesses have adopted a wide array of benefits for the sake of driving recruiting efforts and retention. And the equation is simple in a marketplace that currently caters to the job-seeker. If you’re not treating your employees well, they will look elsewhere.

As a small business owner, the above may sound dooming. Especially when you don’t have the resources to pamper your staff with on-site dry cleaning and arcade rooms, like that of the Googles and Facebooks of the world.

The thing to stress here is that it’s not always about the flashiness of a perk being offered as it is the fact that it’s offered in the first place. When you show regular care and consideration for your team — recognizing that they also have a life outside of work — even the smallest benefit can go a long way in fueling long-term loyalty and morale.

During the summertime months, this is especially true. Here are four low-cost company perks to offer employees throughout the summer.

Flexible Hours

One of the easiest perks to excite employees during the summer months is flexible hours. This can be introduced in whatever form makes the most sense to your business. Whether that means giving people every other Friday off, allowing for early-leave times throughout the work week, or increased remote working opportunities.

During a time of year when most people already have their heads in the clouds, kids out of school, or vacation on the mind, this perk is a no-brainer.

Casual Dress Code

This may be a company perk you entertain year-round. But if not, give your team the freedom to let their hair down a bit with a casual summer dress code.

Maybe this translates to flip flops and shorts. Alternatively, you could have fun with themed office wear days. Create a contest that invites people to dress a certain way every Friday over a set period of time for the chance to win a prize — something like an extra vacation day or gift card.

Office Outings

Organized office outings during the summer offer the benefit of both enjoying warmer weather and fostering team bonding. These events could translate to just about anything, from casual patio happy hours to rented event spaces for themed parties.

You can also research community recreation leagues in the area. Cover the cost of forming a team and provide those who want to participate with custom t-shirts for a summer of sand volleyball.

Surprise Wellness Benefits

Summertime lends itself to wellness on the mind. Set up ongoing yoga sessions in-office or surprise your employees one random Friday with a masseuse.

If there’s a local 5k, you can even gauge interest in covering sign-up costs for those who want to form a running team. Survey your employees to gauge their interests and put the feedback to good use in personalizing the benefits perceived as most valuable to them.

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