Five Hot Things We Learned at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is underway, making it an exciting time for anyone into the Apple ecosystem. I’m here with five hot things you need to know about the cool stuff we learned in their WWDC keynote!

iPad is getting its own OS

Apple is splitting iOS into two, giving the iPad its very own OS. Why is that a big deal? With the two operating systems separate Apple can create and roll-out new features for both operating systems without having to put out an update for the other. It also means two distinct teams working on both platforms, meaning we’re going to get cool new features.

Some of those features include the new Sidecar mode, where you can use your iPad as an external display or drawing tablet for your Mac, Desktop-class browsing through Safari on iPad, and smart three finger gestures for Undo.

Xbox and Playstation Controllers are coming to Apple systems

Anyone who has tried gaming on an AppleTV, an iPhone, or an iPad knows that these devices punch about their weight class for processing but that controlling games can be a less-than-great experience. Buying a separate Bluetooth controller helps, but both Sony and Microsoft have great controller devices that are already in many homes across Canada. The best thing about this? Sony’s PS4 streaming app plus a Dual Shock 4 controller means you’ll have many more options for play in your home and while you’re on the go.

The Mac Pro is back

The last time the Mac Pro was updated was in 2013 and a lot has happened in the six years since. Apple bet on specialized graphics cards and small form factors for the old Mac Pro, and while the performance was some of the best in the industry at the time, the old “trashcan” Mac hasn’t aged well. Enter the new Mac Pro – some are calling it the cheese grater 2.0, referencing a loving nickname given to an other Mac Pro model. This thing is a beast, housing up to 1.5TB of RAM, and featuring a powerful “Afterburner” additional processing module that will be a game changer for some industries. The price isn’t small, starting at $6k US, but there’s nothing quite like this on the market.

Along with the Mac Pro comes the PRO XDR display – a 32” reference-quality beyond High Dynamic Range screen. Similar reference displays cost upwards of $45k US, so it’s shocking that this is coming in at just $5k US. Again, pricey but this is professional hardware and those buying it won’t hesitate to shell out.

iPhone gets a dark mode

It’s been too long, but iOS is getting some great new features, including Dark Mode, letting users finally check their phone without blinding themselves after dark. No more to say there other than: it took you long enough.

Share the love

This last one is pure fun: if you’ve got a friend with AirPods you can now share your audio stream, letting multiple users listen to music, TV, or movies on a single device with both pairs of AirPods at the same time.

WWDC is an exciting time of year: developers have already downloaded the betas for macOS, iPad OS, iOS, and Watch OS6. If you’re eager to try it, wait for the public beta, which should go live next month!

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