A true visionary, Kelsey Reidl talks inspiration, motivation and what it means to be the one accountable.

Kelsey Reidl wasn’t always an entrepreneur, but when it became clear that when it came to employment the only person she could rely on was herself, she launched her business designed to help other entrepreneurs. As a business coach for wellness entrepreneurs, working at Studio and leading her own business is both about moving forward, and giving back.

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?
I decided to become an entrepreneur after I was let go from two of my dream jobs in my 20s and I realized that having security working for other people was not a given.

I began this whole entrepreneurial journey about seven years ago when I went back to school to study holistic nutrition and I started a nutrition coaching business. I kind of dabbled as I went on to work for different corporations in sales and marketing. And I still always had this nutrition business as a passion project, and people were wanting to work with me.

As I started to nurture that in my spare time, I got really interested in scaling that business up and bringing it online so I didn’t have to sit face-to-face with clients and be limited by the city I was living in.

And as I began to do that, a lot of other wellness entrepreneurs were asking me questions like how to build a website, how I was getting clients through social media and so I recognized that there was an opportunity to coach and mentor new wellness entrepreneurs. I decided to take a leap and launch my business which is called the Visionary Method. It’s a 90-day coaching program where I show entrepreneurs how to start-up and scale-up their business using the principles that I know to be true about launching an online course.

What does a typical day look like for you at Studio?
When I get there and sit down I’ll usually spend the first couple hours of my day working without music. I can get a few hours of work done just for myself and I’ll usually work on some marketing activities and some admin stuff. I usually take a break around lunchtime and then in the afternoon I pop in my headphones turn on some good music and work on the rest of my To-Do list which could also include calls in the phone booth, and recording podcasts. From the moment that I sit down, I open up my To-Do list and I’m able to get through it efficiently without distraction. The time passes so quickly, and I feel very productive.

What is about the environment that works?
I love it here because it’s great to work among other entrepreneurs and business owners and freelancers. Even though we’re not working on the same task, we have that community surrounding us that motivates and inspires us, when otherwise having a business can be quite lonely when you’re a solopreneur [an entrepreneur who works on their own]. I am the face behind my business and the one that’s driving it. And since I’ve been in business just three years, I’m still working on bringing on board a team.

How does Studio help support you and your business?
It helps me thrive because I can collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs who aren’t working with me, but collectively we are working towards our own goals. I’ve been coming since it opened in January of this year. When I come here I’m productive and I’m not distracted by everything in my home that requires my attention. I can get up midday and strike up a conversation with someone who I’ve met who is in a totally different industry, or with someone who I’ve never met who may become an acquaintance, or a peer, or a mentor. There’s always inspiring people around… It’s extremely motivating to be around other entrepreneurs who have drive and passion for what they do which inspires me to be my best.

Why do you think that is?
I need to be in an environment that fosters that drive, that motivation, and that level of productivity that you don’t get at home. I am very passionate about coworking because I’ve done it for a while and I would not be as productive. I wouldn’t have the business I have today because I’d be walking my dog all day.

Here you can come, you can connect… You can attend the most incredible seminars in the middle of your workday. In the event space and it’s a place to get through your To-Do List efficiently.

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