Declutter and Destress Your Home Office With These 4 Organization Tips

When you wake up in the morning and walk into your home office with coffee in hand, what do you see? Now — follow up question — what do you feel?

Your answers to the above are likely to reveal much more than you think. Studies have shown time and time again that where there’s mess, there’s stress. And this isn’t too surprising when you consider just how short our attention spans are, making us prone to distractions at every turn. All you need is one misplaced piece of piled paper or tangled computer cord to throw you off the productivity course.

Here are four ways to approach organization in an effort to declutter and destress your home office.

1. Be Conscious of Office Layout

While you may not have the constant water cooler chatter or conference room call derailing you from to-dos in a home office, the territory certainly comes with its own distractions.

When laying out your office design, try to position furniture in a way that encourages focus. This could mean facing your computer screen towards a corner of the room, away from a large window or your office door. You want to arrange your workspace around a flow that works best for how you operate on a daily basis, allowing you to transition between activities and easily locate the tools you need to stay on-task.

2. Save Space with Multi-Use Furniture

If you’re working with minimal space in your home office, make the best use of it with multi-functional furniture. The more confined you are to your surroundings, the more difficult it will be to move around with ease and comfort.

This may mean investing in all-in-one technology (e.g., printers and computers). Or find unintended uses for furniture you already own, like a bookshelf that can also double as a room divider — blocking out the aforementioned unwanted distractions.

3. Tame Wires and Cords

A tangled mess of wires and cords is not just unsightly, but can unintentionally contribute to a feel of clutter and mess in your home office.

Organize wires and cords around your desk with a cable organizer. Or ditch the tangle altogether with smarter technology, made to be both portable and wire-free.

4. Go Paperless

Paper is one easy element to eliminate from your home office scene entirely. Use an all-in-one printer or Adobe Scan — an app every small business should keep in their back pocket — to create digital versions of current physical documents.

Alternatively, if going paperless isn’t an option, make sure you have a decent filing system on hand. You can then set time aside quarterly to sift through filed documents, regularly discarding items that are outdated and taking up space.

Organize and Optimize

When it comes to workplace efficiency, your environment has the ability to either minimize or add to varying levels of stress. Opt for the former and find organization with these easy-to-implement tips and tools.

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