How to Design a Home Office That Inspires

Are you ready to refresh your home’s workspace as you get geared up for the New Year? If so, focus on creating a home office that inspires you to show up to work each day with a clear and creative mindset. As you put together the details of your new space, here are a few tips for how to design a space that will leave you eager to work each morning and feeling more productive at the end of the day.

Insulate Yourself from Domestic Distractions

The home office comes with a different set of distractions than a typical corporate environment. Instead of people knocking at your door asking about a project you might have kids knocking at your door asking about what’s for dinner. Or, instead of a pile of papers that need addressing, you might have a pile of laundry that needs washing.

Just like you would in a corporate environment, aim to insulate yourself from these domestic distractions as much as possible while working. Put a door on your office and make it clear that when it’s closed, you’re at work. Arrange your home office furniture so that you’re looking away from that door or any type of chore so you can put your domestic responsibilities out of mind when you’re at work.

Go Green

A recent Harvard study found that working in green-certified offices gave employees a 26% boost in cognition and a 6% rise in sleep quality. Both are essential qualities to have if you aim to create a more inspiring environment.

As you design your home office, add in space for some planters and flower pots. Bring greenery inside so you can reap the benefits of cleaner air in your workspace.

Add Natural Lighting

In addition to greenery, it’s important you let the natural light shine in. Another study by Northwestern University found that people with a window view got forty-six more minutes of sleep on average each night than those with a windowless office. The more natural light you let in, the more you can set your circadian rhythm, which in turn can have an impact on how you feel day in and day out at the office.

Embrace Some Clutter

Embracing clutter in your home office might seem counterintuitive. After all, plenty of studies talk about how cluttered desks can lead to anxiety, distraction, and even anger. But other, more recent, studies have started to challenge that notion and advocate that clutter can sometimes spark creativity.

Many home-based jobs and flexible jobs require you to flex some creative muscles. For example, entrepreneurs need to think about the next big project. Even accountants need to come up with innovative strategies to attract clients. In business, creativity is a must across all roles and industries. Having some clutter might help you embrace your creative side and inspire you to find new ideas you wouldn’t have in an otherwise pristine environment.

Start Designing

When you work from home, it can be hard to eliminate distractions and show up mentally each day. Having an inspiring home office can help shift those mental gears, so you’re left feeling inspired for the work ahead.

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