5 Ways to Recharge Your Personal Batteries Ahead of the New Year


The madness of the holidays is almost over. As they come to a close, you’ll find yourself exhaling for the first time in what probably seems like months. Now you finally have a chance to unwind. What will you do with this time? Here are five suggestions of how you can make the most of the week between Christmas and New Year’s and recharge your personal batteries ahead of 2019.

1. Inspire Intrigue by Getting Off Social Media for a Few Days

Social media is a time and energy drain. Although it’s nice to connect with others, feeling like you have to post, like, or comment can steal from your energy reserves.

Give yourself permission to disconnect for a few days. Don’t make an announcement about it, but rather, subtly back out of the social media space. Your absence could inspire intrigue, while at the same time giving yourself room to reconnect with your passion before the New Year begins.

2. Get Rid of Distractions

Now that the chaos of the holidays is over, it’s time to give yourself a gift of living distraction-free for a week. Now is the time to hibernate and allow yourself to have some breathing room as you plan and recharge for the year to come.

During this time, choose whether or not you want to work or rest. If you work, productivity will abound because you won’t be getting pulled in a million different directions. You’ll feel more relaxed as you crank out plans and projects for the coming year. If you rest, do so without being pulled by the world around you. Continue to log out of social media and focus only on your mental and physical health.

3. Dive Into a Healthy Distraction

Regardless of whether or not you work during this week before the New Year, allow enough time for you to indulge in one of your favorite distractions. For example, if you love running, carve out enough time to log some miles on foot. Or, if you love reading, cozy up with a blanket and a stack of the books you’ve been meaning to finish.

4. Book a Date

When you own a business, you’re inevitably busy. It’s hard to find time to connect with people in your life, which can make your relationships suffer. When those relationships are gone, you lose your personal oasis where you can let your hair down and unwind with friends. Now is the time to rekindle those friendships and fill your cup with the company of good friends.

5. Sleep

The restorative power of sleep cannot be overstated. Set up your room and your body for the best sleep possible between now and the New Year. Avoid caffeine in the afternoon. Turn on a diffuser and diffuse lavender oil. Darken and cool down your space so that you can cozy up with your alarm off and give yourself a full night of rest.

It’s Time to Breathe Again

The New Year is sure to bring about some level of chaos. Before that chaos hits, let yourself recharge by focusing on yourself, your closest relationships, and your physical health.

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