Three Essential Holiday Gifts for Gamers

Choosing holiday gifts for friends and family can be challenging at the best of times but it’s even more challenging if you’re shopping for items you don’t quite understand. This is why shopping for gamers is often intimidating for their friends and family. There are so many different gadgets in this area that it can be challenging to know which ones are useful and what to look for. If you’re shopping for a gamer this holiday season, here are three gifts worth looking into.


A Gaming Chair

PC gaming can be an addictive hobby, meaning that many PC gamers spend hours in front of their computers at a time. As you can imagine, having a comfortable, supportive chair is essential for making PC gaming a great experience. This is where a proper gaming chair comes in. These chairs are designed to make gaming comfortable and efficient, while ensuring good posture.


Naturally, the most important thing to look for here is comfort. For starters, consider the fabric and choose one that makes sense. Personally, I like leather because it’s becomes more comfortable over time, as you break it in, while being easy to clean and looking great. However, fabrics can be nice in the summer months or in a warmer room as they tend to breathe a little better.


Next, look for adjustable components that will give the recipient an opportunity to achieve comfort and proper posture. For example, having a chair set to an optimal height and angle can prevent neck, back and eye strain so finding one that allows for these adjustments is essential. Removable parts, like armrests, are also a great feature that allows the user to truly customize their experience.


Finally, if you can, find out what types of games the gamer you’re shopping for enjoys and purchase a chair accordingly. There are specific chairs on the market for different types of gaming, like racing.


If you’re shopping for a gaming chair this holiday season, check out the Arozzi Torretta Gaming Chair or the Vertagear VG-SL4000 Racing S-Line Gaming Chair.


A Gaming Mouse

A PC gamer doesn’t necessarily need a gaming mouse—just about any mouse will allow them to play their favourite games. However, gaming mice offer some features and customization that make gameplay more enjoyable while giving a gamer a bit of competitive advantage.


The most important things to look for when looking for a gaming mouse are an advanced optical or laser sensor and some degree of customization, typically set using dedicated software that comes in the box. The sensor allows for faster, more precise movements while customization allows the user to designate the functions of the buttons on their mouse according to their preferences. It’s also important to note that most gaming mice wired, which minimizes input lag and makes them more responsive.


If you know the genre of games your gamer prefers or any other special features they like, you can get more specific about the type of mouse you purchase. Specialized mice are available for action games, multiplayer online games, left-handed gamers, mobile gaming mice, and hybrid mice that offer the best of all worlds.


For a great hybrid mouse, which is a great place to start, I recommend the Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse.


Gaming Headset

Again, a gaming headset isn’t absolutely essential for gameplay—any headset with a microphone will do—a gaming headset significantly improves the experience. For starters, a gaming headset cancels out external noise while offering superior sound quality and communication between teammates. Besides making gaming more enjoyable for the gamer, a gaming headset also makes the experience more enjoyable for those around them by limiting the disturbance.


For a fantastic gaming headset worthy of any PC gamer, I recommend the Razer Kraken Gaming Headset.


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