Google Home: The Perfect Holiday Gift for Everyone

Over the course of 2018, we’ve seen voice assistants rise in popularity and enter more homes. With these assistants becoming capable of performing more tasks and integrations, I expect to see this trend continue into 2019 and beyond. In fact, I predict, that in just a few short years, voice assistants will become as powerful and integral to our lives as smartphones have. Given this trend, I encourage people to invest in a voice assistant and start exploring how it can improve everyday tasks. With the holidays coming up, it’s also a good time to consider giving a voice assistant as a gift.

The beauty of giving voice assistants is that they make great gifts for pretty well everyone on your list. They tend to be user friendly, especially if you opt for one that offers an element of familiarity to the recipient. This is why I find Google Home devices to be ideal. After all, almost everyone uses Google in some capacity, with many smartphone and personal computer users relying on an operating system built by Google. So how can your friends or loved ones benefit from Google Home devices? And which device is right for them? Read on to find out.


A Task for Every User


Google Home can perform a variety of tasks that can benefit a wide range of users. For example, it integrates with popular apps and music services giving you access to their functionality through simple voice commands. In my household, everyone from my wife to my university-aged son and teenagers uses Google Home to fire up their favourite playlist on Spotify. A couple of my kids also have Roku devices in their rooms and Google Home allows them to control those devices without the need for a remote control.


It also integrates with many smart home devices, like smart lights and locks, making it easy to control these devices. I’m confident that anyone could get used to turning the lights on and off without ever having to reach for a light switch.


Even users who are happy performing tasks manually, or think they are, will find things like the daily briefing useful. This allows a user to get a snapshot of their day, including what’s in the news, weather, and even their personal calendar. Not to mention that Google Home leverages Google’s powerful search engine, allowing users to run searches quickly with a simple voice command.


Google Home, Max, or Home Mini?


Google Home now comes in three flavours: Home, Max, or Mini. While it might seem daunting to choose between these three devices, it’s actually pretty simple and, the truth is, you can’t go wrong with any of them. I recommend Google Home for pretty well anyone. This is the original device and it offers great sound and microphone sensitivity. It also has touch controls at the top, so you can control things like volume and power right from the device.


The Mini, by contrast, isn’t as powerful as a speaker and lacks some of the microphone sensitivity. It’s perfect to add as a companion device to the Google Home in a smaller room, like a kid’s bedroom.


For large rooms and users who enjoy listening to music, the Google Max is the way to go. This device offers the most powerful and best sounding speaker delivering enough high-quality sound to fill a room.

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