With the release of its new devices, Apple also announced a new operating system for its Mac computers. The new macOS Mojave has a range of promising features that make the system more powerful and user friendly. Most notably, macOS Mojave brings Macs and iOS devices, like iPhones and iPads, even closer. Here are the five new macOS features I’m most looking forward to:


1. Dark Mode


With Mojave, Apple’s macOS is taking a walk on the dark side with a dark mode. Dark mode uses a subtler, dark colour palette that allows you to focus on your work while toolbars and menus fade into the background. Apple’s apps will all have a dark mode in Mojave and third part apps will be able to adopt the new look following the launch of the new operating system. Dark mode can be enabled using the General pane in System Preferences.


2. Stacks


When I’m in a rush I often save files to my desktop instead of filing them in the appropriate places. As you can imagine, this gets messy pretty quick so Apple is working to help disorganized users like me clean things up with Stacks. Stacks automatically organizes your files into related groups to keep your desktop free of clutter. You can choose to group Stacks by types of files, dates, or even based on tags that you specify. For me, this means I can keep project specific work organized, making it easy to find and save to the appropriate places later. To look through a Stack, a user simply uses two fingers on their trackpad. They can also expand a Stack by clicking on it and select a file they want to open.


3. Group FaceTime


FaceTime is a pretty great feature that has changed the way many of us communicate with friends and family, allowing us to call or video chat over data. While FaceTime has been available for quite some time, Apple is making it more powerful in Mojave by allowing users to add up to 32 people to calls. People can be added to a call while it’s already in progress and the same call can include both audio and video participants. This will certainly make it easier to communicate with friends, family, and even colleagues.


4. New Apps from iOS


Everyone loves their iOS apps, so it’s no wonder that Apple is moving more and more of these apps to the Mac. With Mojave, users can now track their stocks with the Stocks app, control their HomeKit smart home devices with the Home app, and record memos, reminders and lectures with Voice Memos. These apps have offered some pretty useful features in iOS so I’m really thrilled to see them come to macOS, especially the Home app which will make it easier to control my smart home without forcing me to reach for my phone.


5. Continuity Camera


Even though Airdrop makes it easy to transfer photos that I take on my iPhone to my Mac, it’s an extra step and no one likes extra steps. With Mojave and its Continuity Camera feature, Apple is helping remove this extra step by letting users take a photo and see it instantly on their Mac. They can then insert it into documents and files. Continuity Camera works in a number of apps like Finder, Mail, Messages, Notes, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.



macOS Mojave will be available starting September 24th, 2018. Which feature or features are you most looking forward to?

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