Five Ways To Make Your Dorm Yours This Year

Sure, you could just move your stuff into your dorm room, not change a thing, go to classes and have an okay year – but where’s the fun in that? Making your dorm space your own isn’t just fun, it’s also a way to feel more comfortable, be more productive, and be happier throughout the whole year. Customizing your dorm with Staples is easier than ever, and we’ve got five great ways to do it.

More Décor

Little things go a long way, and they’re so easy to add! Walls are the first place to start as they’re most under-used in dorm rooms. Wall Hooks, Picture Hanging Strips, and Wall Hangers can make those spaces beautiful and fun. They can also give you the opportunity to express your individual taste and take you a step above the standard dorm room posters and calendar. Keeping your space tidy with a classy Wastebasket is another great option, or you can add an Accent Display to show off the little things that make you who you are.

Stock Up On Supplies

This is an easy one: you need supplies to get things done each term, so why not pick up stuff that’s going to look good while being functional? With everything from Iridescent Binders, Pencil Cases, and Backpacks, to Paperclips and Post-It® notes, gearing up with the right supplies can be pretty simple. Don’t forget to check out things like Pens, Tape, Shears, and a Whiteboard.

Upgrade Your Furniture Experience

Depending on where you’re making your home, if you have the opportunity to upgrade your furniture experience it can make a huge difference in your year. Your own Twin Bed Frame with Drawers adds storage and comfort (don’t forget your Mattress!) while a Desk and Chair can help you get more done in comfort and style. Need a place to keep outfits for fall, winter, and spring? Add a 3-Drawer Dresser and make the most of your space.

Make That Bed Even More Comfortable

One of the biggest mistakes made in any dorm is not getting enough sleep; it can be hard to resign yourself to bed when there’s so much going on… but you can beat FOMO if you make your bed even more appealing! Add 600 Thread Count Sheets for a comfortable experience, top it with Duck Feather Pillows, add a Duvet for style, and some Cushions to finish things off!

Appliance Yourself

The last piece of the puzzle for the perfect dorm room experience is appliances: handy electronics that will make life even better for you. The two key pieces are a Bar Fridge with cool retro styling so that you can keep food and drinks cool when you need to so they’re ready when you want them, along with a Keurig Coffee Maker to help pep you up in the morning or to make late night study sessions a little easier. A cool Pod Drawer helps to organize your K-cup Refills so you’ll always have a cup of coffee ready to go when you want it.

So that’s it! 5 incredible ways to upgrade your dorm experiences, all available online and in-store at Staples. Got another key way to rock your dorm? Tell us in the comments below!

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