The 5 Criteria of An Ideal Customer

Defining your ideal customer will help your sales and marketing become more efficient, focused, and profitable. If your small business has been operating for a while, then you can refine the following list by looking for common characteristics of your most profitable customers. But if you’re starting out, get started with this list of five criteria of an ideal customer.

  1. A Problem

Part of the reason you went into business for yourself was to solve a problem better than anyone else. So it makes sense that your ideal customer would have the exact same problem you’re solving. Of course, it’s the job of your sales and marketing to help prospects become aware of the urgency of this problem.

  1. A Budget

A customer is not a customer unless they can pay a fair price for your services. It’s that’s simple. So how can you tell if a prospect has the budget? Look for recent purchases, a good credit report, or you can ask them what their budget for a particular project is.

  1. A Desire

If a prospect does not feel their pain, they will not have a desire to solve it. And without that desire to change, closing the sale will take more effort and more time, time that could be spent closing prospects ready to sign on the dotted line. So look for prospects who are engaging with your content or products.

  1. A Result

An ideal customer doesn’t just have a problem you can solve, but will also see real business results from solving their problem with your product or service. If they can’t profit from your intervention, then you will not have a repeat customer and it’s unlikely that you’ll have a customer referral for future business.

  1. A Vibe

The final criteria for your ideal customer shouldn’t be underestimated. An ideal customer should look at your marketing materials or sales pitches and immediately think, “That sounds right. These guys get me.” Having the right vibe means your ideal customer sees the world in a way that is aligned with your company. This is important because it makes the sale quicker and more enjoyable for everyone involved and if you’re creating your dream customer, why wouldn’t you include it?

Creating a profile of your ideal customer will help your sales and marketing stay narrowly focused on those who are ready, able, and willing to buy, now.