4 New Tools to Make You More Productive in 2018

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all your New Year’s Resolutions, rest easy and pick up these four new tools to make you more productive in 2018.


SmartSheet allows you to do everything you do in Microsoft Excel but so much smarter. Have a project plan? Or five or six? Put them into SmartSheet and you can quickly visualize all the plans on a single calendar. Let’s say each of those plans are managed by a different project manager. The collaboration options of SmartSheet is what really makes it so useful. And this is just the start of how SmartSheet can make you more productive in 2018.

Be Focused

Based on the famous Pomodoro Technique, the Be Focused mobile and desktop app will help you push your productivity in 2018. Be Focused breaks up your work into individual tasks and then gives you 25-minute intervals, or Pomodoros, to work on one task at a time. After each Pomodoro, Be Focused gives you a five-minute break to stop work before starting on another 25-minute Pomodoro. While simple, Be Focused can be invaluable when you have an important deadline or a never-ending to-do list

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal is an old-fashioned, pen and paper journal, but don’t let that fool you. This journal is specifically designed to help keep you focused on what matters most. The idea is simple: write down everything you need to get done or remember each day all on one page. If you finish the task, great! “X” it out. If you don’t, use a notation that you’ve scheduled the task or migrated it to the next day. Of course, if you want to merge your offline notebook with online notes, the tried and true Livescribe Smartpen is still your best bet.

Meditation Studio

Growing research shows how impactful mindfulness can be on your productivity. While there are many resources, the Meditation Studio from Gaiam is a new one with so many bells and whistles, or chimes and birds, that it’s remarkable it’s free. Quick guided meditations are available on demand for everything from managing stress, to helping you boost your performance. Schedule a time to meditate using the calendar integration feature so you never forget to meditate.

Running a small business is no easy feat, but with a few tools, you can make 2018 your most productive year yet!