Pitch Media Now For Free PR All Year

Public relations can be an incredibly powerful promotional tool for any small business. From generating awareness to helping build your SEO, PR can help you meet a variety of goals. So start off 2018 with a plan to pitch media now for free PR all year.

Target Your Audience

Like all marketing, creating a PR plan requires identifying your target audience. Start with three different types of media outlets to target: local media, your industry media, and your customer’s industry media. Each will have a specific angle on which they will want to report. For example, local media like to report on community events or local business does good. Your industry media wants to report on breakthroughs and innovations in your industry. Meanwhile, your customer’s industry media wants to report on what your customers are doing to innovate in their industry. Make a list for each and pitch the specific journalist covering that topic.

Pitch a Story

To get free PR all year, you’re going to have to do a little work to make it easy for the journalists to cover your story. Start with pitching your industry trade outlets with what’s called a bylined article. Repurpose some thought leadership content to make it easy for you and make it last all year by writing several bylined articles around the same subject or point of view. This way, your targeted journalists have several pieces to fill their calendar that allows them to deep dive into a particular subject, and you get to start promoting yourself and your business to a wider audience. All for free!

If you have case studies, pitch those stories to your customer’s trade media, who love to hear how people are solving problems in unique ways. Just be sure you have the legal rights to publish your customer’s names and images. If you don’t; ask. Most of your customers will appreciate the free publicity.

Become a Source

Journalists are always looking for insiders willing to go on the record to describe a situation or opinion. Why not be that source? ProfNet from PR Newswire, for example, allows you to offer your expertise to thousands of journalists seeking reputable sources. And because stories will often link back to your website, you not only get the publicity but also an SEO boost.

Using media to help promote you and your business doesn’t have to be a full-time job. With a little planning and good content, you can enjoy free PR all year long.