5 Streaming Services that Aren’t Netflix

Over the past few years, streaming video has become increasingly possible. In fact, it has slowly replaced traditional cable subscriptions in many households. When it comes to streaming devices, we’re spoiled for choice with offerings from Google, Apple, and ROKU. However, when it comes to streaming services most people flock to Netflix, not knowing that there are a number of other great options available. As we settle into colder weather, it’s a great time to explore some of these options.



Price: $7.99/month


CraveTV is Bell Media’s streaming service. It features some fantastic HBO content, like The Wire, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and Sex and the City. You’ll also find Showtime favourites like Weeds, Episodes, and Billions. CraveTV has some great Canadian content and even some shows that are exclusive to the service. If you’re a Bell cable subscriber, you already get CraveTV but it’s worth subscribing to even if you’re a cord cutter.


Acorn TV

Price: $4.99/month


Acorn TV is definitely a little off the beaten path but if you enjoy British television and movies, this service is perfect for you! The service offers thousands of hours of British content from every genre and more is being added every day.


Sundance Now

Price: $4.99/month


For the true film buff, Sundance Now offers the best award-winning films, documentaries, and TV series. The service also features Sundance Now originals. Best of all, you’ll find collections curated by filmmakers and cultural icons. It’s a great way to find out all the film festival favourites.



Price: Free


Crackle is a little different than the rest of the services in this list because it’s absolutely free. Owned by Sony Pictures, Crackle offers some fantastic free content from every genre, including TV shows like Community. The content isn’t quite as plentiful as some of the paid services but if you’re not excited to pay for any of them, it’s a great option. It also makes a great supplement to your existing subscriptions.


Amazon Prime Video

Price: $79/year


Amazon Prime Video comes with an Amazon Prime membership and gives you access to a lot of great content. While it’s not quite as robust as Netflix and CraveTV, Amazon Prime Video offers a few Amazon original series, like The Man in the High Castle and Amazon’s reboot of The Tick. If you’re already paying for Prime, it’s a good side benefit.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all these options, it’s important to note that most of these services offer free trials. Give them a try and go from there!