Gifts for the Gamer

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the gamer in your life?  We are here to help break the latest and greatest hardware, must-have accessories and newest technology.

Latest and Greatest Hardware

Whether you’re shopping for an experienced gamer or someone who is just starting out, you can never go wrong purchasing a laptop, computer or monitor that’s built specifically for gaming.

When considering a gaming laptop, it’s important to make sure that it has multiple connectors compatible with gaming headphones, mice, keyboards and USB, VGA and HDMI outputs. A vital feature found in gaming computers is a high-end mobile video card that’s designed for top-notch graphics and eliminates lag and screen stutter. Most gaming desktops also feature interchangeable and customizable front panels, along with advanced cooling systems and extra storage and memory for unrivalled performance. Shopping for a gaming monitor may seem tricky because there are so many size options, but consider one that’s 24″ – it’s the optimal size, maximizing your peripheral vision and not having to lose focus by turning your head.

Must-Have Accessories

If your budget doesn’t quite cover the cost of a new piece of hardware, but you still want to give your gamer a present they’ll love, you can’t go wrong with a gaming accessory.

A good gaming keyboard should be wireless, customizable and include sensory features. Gaming mice are designed specifically for gamers with ergonomic and ambidextrous designs. Different mice also favour different styles of grip such as claw, palm or fingertip. Gaming controllers are built for performance and longevity and feature precision control. When purchasing gaming headsets, consider the differences between headsets and headphones, noise-cancelling technology, positional and surround sound, and the differences between analog, USB or wireless. Gaming chairs feature a variety of impressive qualities for extra stability and comfort, such as rotating head and armrests, and they’re made of high-density cold-core foam, allowing gamers to sit comfortably for long periods of time.

Technology for Uninterrupted Gaming

For the advanced gamer, gifting a wireless router for uninterrupted playtime may be just the item that tops their wish list. A top-of-the-line gaming router helps ensure the best online gaming experience possible, with excellent connectivity, range and power.

Check out our gaming gift picks from top brands including ASUS Republic of Gamers, MSI, Razer, PlayStation, HyperX and Corsair.