What Small Businesses Can Learn from Turtles

All along the eastern seaboard, thousands of baby sea turtles are emerging from their nests and making their way to the open sea. On their way to adulthood, these baby sea turtles must overcome incredible odds, roughly 1 in 1,000 will actually make it. Sound familiar? If you recently started your own business, it might. And the parallels don’t end there. These amazing animals can live hundreds of years, success by any measure. So let’s look at what small businesses learn from turtles.

Be Fast

Speed isn’t something usually associated with turtles but from the second sea turtles emerge from their nests, they must run or literally die. The same holds true for a small business looking to survive in a competitive market; run fast or die.

Protect Yourself

The shell of a turtle should teach every small business about the importance of protecting itself against the outside world. This means having enough cash on hand to keep your doors open through slowdowns. Or taking the necessary steps to mitigate against market risks, whether that’s diversifying your products or customers.

Stick Your Neck Out

Protecting yourself doesn’t mean you don’t stick your neck out when the reward is worth the risk. For turtles, the reward is food. Food for your small business is revenue. To be successful, you have to take risks to outreach your competition and take advantage of luck.

Be Lucky

Speaking of luck, much of a turtle’s success is the result of plain luck. And so is yours. Yes, you work hard, you plan, you do “everything right”. But so do a lot of other businesses that have shut their doors. The truth is, luck is not something that should be counted on or taken for granted but can’t be overlooked. So if you find yourself in a good position, give back and help make others lucky too.

Stay Focused

Have you ever seen a turtle in the ocean? Like the song, they just keep swimming, ignoring tour boats and snorkelers alike. Turtles know they have a destination and goals to eat along the way. It’s a great visualization on staying focused through distractions that can eat away at your time and resources.

Turtles are some of the most successful animals in the kingdom. Surely there is more small businesses can learn from them on how to survive and thrive over the long term.