Who Am I? School Supplies for Every Personality

With back-to-school fast approaching one of the most important questions you’ll answer as you start the year is: who do I want to be? It sounds like a big, important question, and it can be; one of the best ways to help live up to how you feel is to show it with cool, fun supplies and accessories. Need help figuring out who you wanna be? We’ve got four ideas that might help you decide!

The Foodie

Nutrition and food are important, and how we celebrate those two things can be a great way to define your year. These fun accessories help you show of your love of the thing that keeps us all moving, from gym class to math class and everything in between. A balanced approach to your own personal food chart can be shown off with magnets, pencil cases, and binders, letting everyone know that nutrition is top of mind for you. Make sure that balance has balance of its own with some neat stuff that reflects the tastiest in snacks, meals, and desserts.

Foodies don’t just have to stick to Instagram anymore…even though your binders and books will be totally Instagram-worthy!

Oh, Canada!

If you’re feeling patriotic (and who isn’t!) you can show your true colours with some amazing Canadiana, in everything from school supplies to computer mice. The full Canada 150 line of accessories is a great way to show your love; they’re stacked with red and white accents, and let you rep your way from class to class with a look that’s uniform from coast to coast.

Wear your feelings on your sleeve…and your books…and everywhere else!

It’s like a whole language all on its own: those adorable round faces, funny icons, and emotive expressions that are just a tap away on your phone. Emojis are here, and they’re ready to turn every surface in your back-to-school life into an immersive emotional expression. A binder full of hearts is matched with a mirror that smiles back. The only question is…do you think that one emoji (you know the one) is chocolate ice cream?

We don’t either. Ew!

The Social Activist

Sometimes your school supplies are more than supplies, sometimes they can show others how you want to change the world. With every ME to WE accessory and school supply you’re taking a step towards helping others get an education and support. The ME to WE charity tracks every purchase and, through an online portal, can show you exactly how what you’re doing has helped; it’s a great way to tell the story of why you chose ME to WE and how you’re making a difference!

There are plenty of ways to represent yourself when you go back to school; these are just four that stand out for us. Got an idea of how you want to be seen? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook–and check out our awesome library of accessories and supplies to build your own personal look.