How to Use PR For Your Small Business

Despite the stories that surface every few months, public relations (PR) isn’t dead. And it isn’t just for those with deep pockets. The truth is, PR can help you build your small business brand, generate awareness and yes, even help with your SEO. Keep reading to find out how to use PR for your small business.

Give Them A Story

The most obvious way to use PR for your small business is to pitch trade media a specific story. While journalists won’t publish your sales pitch, they will be interested in your unique POV around a particular problem, which often lies in your sales decks. Make it easy for these targeted journalists to say, “yes” to your story by writing it for them in what’s called a bylined article. You could even repurpose an existing, relevant blog post to make it easier for you. Just make sure it’s not about you, but rather about the problem you’re solving or who you’re solving it for.

Give Them An Expert

Journalists and bloggers are always looking for a credible source to add weight to their stories. Why not become one of those sources and score some free publicity for your small business at the same time? Reach out and pitch yourself as a small business owner willing to comment on the local economy, something that relates to your business, etc. Use sites like ProfNet and Help a Reporter Out to reach out to journalists looking for sources. And because stories will often link back to your website, you can even track how effective your efforts are at drawing attention to your business.

Give Them Content

Media outlets go beyond your local tribune and include anyone who reports news. Many are influencers who often have blogs where you can be a guest blogger. As a guest blogger, you can create inbound links to your website, which really boosts your search rankings. Plus, being published in multiple sources makes your own blog more credible, further improving your search rankings. Use sites like MyBlogGuest to find opportunities to share your expertise, build links and cross-promote.

PR remains a valuable tactic for small businesses looking to generate awareness and even leadership within their community. By giving journalists and public relations professionals a story, an expert and content, you’ll start receiving some real results to help you grow your small business.