Make Your Website a Lead-Generating Machine

A website for your small business isn’t a necessary evil. It can be your number one sales tool for generating new business opportunities and leads. Whether your business is B2B, B2C or B2 all, here are a few ways you can transform your small business website into a lead generating machine.

But First …

Obviously, your website can’t generate anything but headaches if no one comes to the party. So after you’ve implemented some lead generating tactics, be sure you beef up your SEO, your local listings and other tactics to drive the traffic you need to fuel your machine.

Button Up Your Ask

Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Want to get customers to try your product? Add a “Try Before You Buy” or “Get Sample” button. Do you have a demo that you can do over the phone or in person? Add a “Get Demo” button. Want to remove doubt about pricing? Add a “Get Pricing” button. The point is, you want to grease the wheels by lowering the ask from, “give me your money” to something that’s easier for website visitors to commit to.

Create Landing Pages. Like, A Lot of Landing Pages

Hubspot found that 7X more leads were generated when websites had more than 29 landing pages. Why? Because the entire purpose of a landing page is to get permission to be contacted, or convert. From downloading content, to signing up for a webinar or demo, the more landing pages you have, the more opportunities to convert. How? Test and create multiple calls to action (CTAs) for every stage of the buyer’s journey and then, create a landing page for each CTA. Promote the landing pages and watch the leads roll off the production line.

Use Progressive Profiling

Make forms easier for customers with progressive profiling. Figure out the least amount of information needed to fulfill a CTA promise and make the form just that. So you may only need an email address for someone to access a research report. But if that same person returns and wants a competitive analysis, you may only need their company name. And then when they want a live demo, all you really need is a phone number. Progressive profiling will capture and build on previous form fills so you have the information you need, but you’ll get it a little bit at a time.

Converting people at every stage of the funnel, regardless of your business is an iterative process but you’ll find it’s worth the effort.