Simple Ways to Make Your Home Office Greener

Having an earth-friendly home office is important to many small business owners seeking to reduce their operational costs, as well as promote a healthier environment. And it doesn’t take much to transform your home office into a sustainability haven. Here are a few simple ways to make your home office greener.


In today’s digital world, almost nothing is easier than reducing the amount of paper you use. Make it easier with these tips.

  • Use cloud-based tools to save and backup your documents
  • Use Adobe Sign for all your contracts and ask your vendors to do the same
  • When you do print, use only recycled paper
  • Set printers to automatically print on both sides


Another simple way to make your home office greener is to simply reduce the energy it consumes.

  • Install window insulation film, an inexpensive, clear film that will seal your windows and protect your home office from drafts.
  • Use a laptop or tablet instead of the desktop that uses 50% more energy
  • Use only LED bulbs
  • Use a programmable thermostat, like a NEST so you can automate and program the temperature of your home office from anywhere


Using products with no or low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) will not only make your home office healthier (VOCs can cause nausea, respiratory problems, etc.) but will also reduce smog in your home office.

Look for other products, from printer cartridges, markers, and glue that have lower or no synthetic chemicals. And don’t forget textiles like rugs, which can emit chemicals when heated by the sun.


You can be recycling more than just your paper and aluminum products. Go beyond the obvious and start recycling your office furniture, either in your home or by giving it away to charity. You can recycle your batteries, or better yet, invest in rechargeable batteries. You can even recycle your printer ink cartridges.


A really simple way to make your home office greener is to invest in recycled products. From garbage bags to facial tissue, to paper clips, if you want a greener office, make the commitment to always seek out and purchase products that are recycled in order to reduce the negative environmental impact of consuming.

While this may seem like a simple list, every little bit helps, especially when the few become the many.