5 Practical Desk Décor Ideas

Is your workplace lacking in the décor department? Some might call it minimalistic, to others – it’s stale. Whether you have a cubicle in a corporate office or a desk in an open floor plan, a little personalization can go a long way in livening up your workspace.

Check out these practical office desk décor ideas from Staples to infuse some personality into your work zone and make every day brighter.

  1. Green is Good

Add a small plant or two to your desk to instantly make it feel more alive and welcoming. Pick an indoor plant that’s low-maintenance and allergy-friendly (no pollen), like succulents. Turn your desk plant into a style statement with a modern geometric terrarium or a painted pot.

  1. Friendly Faces

Adding some photos of family and friends to your workspace not only makes you feel more settled in, it also allows your coworkers to get to know you a bit when they stop by. For a beautiful desk decoration that will motivate you daily, turn one of your favourite personal photos into a small canvas print. Opt for the framed canvas for an added touch of sophistication.

  1. Ergonomic & Stylish

If you spend 8 hours per day at your desk, it should be comfortable. Lifting your laptop or desktop computer to an appropriate eye level is essential. For a step above the ream-of-paper solution, stack up a few hardcover books that feature colours or styles that you enjoy. You can also create a custom mousepad with an image that you love. It’ll provide more-responsive mouse navigation and some comfort for your wrist.

  1. A Mug Just For You

Mugs are awesome additions to the office because of what they represent: an energy boost, something to savour, or five minutes of peace. Create a custom mug that is personalized with your favourite photo(s) to power through any task with a smile. And who knows – it may even make the free office coffee taste better! Design a ceramic mug to keep at work or a travel mug for commuting.

  1. Light It Up

If you don’t have much natural light in your workspace, a desk lamp provides a nice break from harsh overhead fluorescents. Your eyes will thank you for the warmer lighting, and it’ll come in handy if you need to do some reading. Coordinate your lamp style with your other desk accessories like your pencil cup and stationery for a put-together look that your coworkers will want to emulate.