Go Live on Facebook Like a Pro

Live broadcasts on Facebook and other social networks have become very popular over the past couple of years and thanks to smartphones, just about anyone can do it. However, if you’ve ever tried going live on one of these networks you probably know that it’s more difficult than it looks to get a great looking video. With just a few accessories, you can get much better results.



The key to great video is keeping it smooth and stable. To do this, you’ll want to invest in a tripod or other stabilizer. There are lots of options when it comes to tripods and stabilizers but if you’re going to use it on the go, you might want to go with something compact and portable like the iStabilizer SmartFlex.



Audio is another common challenge when it comes to capturing video with a mobile device. For improved audio, I recommend springing for an external microphone like the IK Multimedia iRig Mic Lav or IK Multimedia iRig Mic Field.


Switcher Studio App

With the basic accessories covered, you can focus on improving your live broadcasts in more advanced ways. One way to do this is through live switching, which lets you switch between different cameras. Typically, this requires specialized equipment but the with the Switcher Studio App you can switch between cameras with just an iPhone or iPad.



If you’re switching between camera feeds, I highly recommend doing so using an iPad. Even though the Switcher Studio App works with an iPhone, an iPad gives you a lot more real estate making it easier to see the camera feeds and navigate the app.

iPhone or iPod Touch

To use an app like Switcher Studio you’ll need multiple video feeds which, means you’ll need multiple devices. Both iPod Touch and iPhone devices will work to work with the app and capture great video.


Using these accessories combined with great content, you’re ready to create engaging live broadcasts.