3 Things to Do Now To Improve Your Website

A website can be a small business’s biggest asset, but it can also be its biggest pain. Too often, small business owners think of their website as, “set it and forget it” but in reality, it’s an iterative process in order to keep it a lead generating machine. So let’s look at three things to do now to improve your website.

  1. Mobile First Design

By now, most of us also know responsive design is important for creating a great experience for every website visitor and to support good Google search rankings. And now, transforming your website into an omni-screen powerhouse doesn’t have to be a production. Smashing Magazine has a nice how-to for WordPress, for example, and there are other tutorials for every hosting platform online. But go beyond responsive design and into mobile-first design. Work with your designers to map out how you want your mobile visitors to experience your website and start implementing those changes now so you can have a fully mobile-first website before Spring!

  1. Video Content

Seeing is so much more powerful than reading alone so adding videos to your website will improve your visits and boost the average time a visitor spends on your website. Keep your videos short and focus on the story not just the telling. While video creation can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Tools like PowToon or even animated PowerPoints can look professional and add that extra layer of content depth to your website.

  1. Light Boxes

Light boxes are those pop-up windows you see on websites sometimes that ask you to sign up for a newsletter or to engage with another piece of content. Adding them to your website with a very specific CTA can have amazing results! If you want to grow your database, have a light box pop up asking people to sign up for your newsletter, say, 15 seconds after a visitor has been on your site. Or, when return visitors view a product page they have viewed before, push them a light box asking if they’d like a free demo. You’ll be surprised how many more leads you’ll get just by asking.

Maintaining a good website is key for every small business, but it doesn’t have to be a big pain. Make one improvement every month and your website will continue to draw visitors, convert customers and nurture leads.