Checklist for Preparing Your New Home Office

Transforming a section of your home into a productive work area isn’t always as straightforward as you may think. You could go out and buy all the bells and whistles and still not have a space where you can get work done. The best bet is to start small and add new tools over time, to evolve as your work-from-home style does. This checklist for preparing your new home office should help get you started.  

Defining Space
The first step to preparing your new home office is to define where it will be. A loft, extra room or nook are good if you can work without interruption. You’ll want to ensure your new space fits any equipment you need, like desks, printers and filing cabinets, and if your new home office will need to accommodate clients.

If you don’t have a dedicated space, consider transforming a closet or awkward corner in a misshapen room. You’ll have to use a nearby coffee shop or co-working space to serve as your conference room when you need to meet with clients but use what you have!

Tech Talk
The next step to preparing your new home office is taking stock of what technology you will need. Reliable, fast internet is a must! Think also of the type of computer you’ll need and consider a monitor that won’t strain your eyes. And don’t forget about video conferencing capabilities.

Many businesses still need a printer and fax machine so many opt for an all-in-one unit to save space. A dedicated business line shows your business is real and you can get one for free with Google voice. Finally, determine your file storage; cloud, external hard drive, or old-fashion filing cabinet. Regardless, always have a system and backup your files often!

Support Structure
The final step to preparing for your new home office is to make sure you have the support from those around you to succeed while working from home. Do you have posted working hours and can your family and neighbors respect them by minimizing interruptions?

In addition to support from family and neighbors, be sure you’re supporting yourself. Devise an easy process for keeping your work expenses separate from your personal expenses. And don’t forget the mileage.

Setting up your new home office doesn’t have to be timely or expensive. But, if you start with flexibility in mind from the beginning, you’ll have a space that works for you! l have a space that works for you!