Five Pieces of Tech I’m Thankful for this Year

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays because it gives us all an opportunity to reflect on all the amazing things in our lives. While there are many things I’m thankful for, you might be able to guess that technology definitely makes my list. Over the years, constant advances in technology have not only allowed me to build a career as a tech expert but they’ve also made our lives so much easier. Thanks to tech, many day-to-day tasks are not only more efficient but much simpler. We also have unlimited access to entertainment and information. So with all that being said, what are the pieces of technology I’m most thankful for this year?

1. iCloud and other cloud storage services.

Since I use Apple products, iCloud is an easy choice when it comes to storage and backup for me. iCloud automatically backs up all my documents, contacts, photos, and passwords and lets me share them between my devices. This not only eliminates the need for a separate backup process but also the need for me to email files back and forth or transfer them using devices such as USB flash drives.

2. GPS and other navigation apps.

Remember going on a roadtrip with your family in the days of paper maps? It was a stressful experience to say the least—one person attempting to read the indecipherable map while the other drives. Inevitably, you had to stop and ask for directions that were often hard to follow or just plain wrong. These days, you can get turn-by-turn directions right on your phone in addition to a myriad of other tools that help you navigate traffic and even public transit.

3. Music subscription services.

I’ve always loved music, spending quite a bit of money on records and CDs in my day. Like many, I often found myself purchasing albums for just one or two songs. Naturally, I was pretty excited when it became possible to purchase individual songs online and put them onto a CD. Thanks to subscription services like Spotify and Apple Music, I don’t even have to do that anymore. These services put 25 million songs right at my fingertips. Now the only issue is deciding what to listen to.

4. Digital cameras.

The efficiency I mentioned earlier? I can’t think of a better example of this than digital cameras. Years ago, Thanksgiving dinner at the Agerbos was documented using a film camera. At most, we could get 36 photos on a roll and we had no idea while we were taking them whether they were any good or not. After the holiday, we’d have to drop these photos off, pay for them to be developed, and wait until they were ready. If other relatives wanted copies, the cost of developing them went up.

Thanks to smartphones and digital cameras I can document family events and holidays without the need for film. Instead of developing photos, I can simply send pictures over email. The best part is that I don’t have to waste any of my time or money on the photos that didn’t turn out—I can simply delete them.

5. Online shopping.

Like most men, I don’t love shopping especially around the holidays. Going to the mall and battling the crowds isn’t my idea of a fun time—and now I don’t have to! I can get pretty much anything without leaving my chair, which I ordered online at, by the way. Christmas shopping has never been so easy!

What tech are you thankful for this year?