Making The Most Out of Your Dorm Room

The college dorm room has to be a study room, a bedroom and a living room. It may take some creativity to create a space that’s comfortable and multi functional in such a small area. Luckily, there are tips, tricks and solutions to help personalize the dorm room and create an effective study environment while channeling the comforts of home.

It is easy to clutter a small room, but it is even easier to make that cluttered room messy. Resist the tendencies to overlook organization and invest in useful storage tools to make your student life stress and clutter-free. Instead of having shoes in the doorway where you and your guests can trip over them, seal your shoes away in Staples’ Plastic Storage Tote that can easily slip under the bed and keep your room odour-free. It can also be used to store other items such as chargers, toiletries, books and clothes.

When a dorm room is organized efficiently, there is room and space for everything else. Students rely on their laptops and tablets for everything: music, photos, movies, gaming, social media, and  — most importantly — studying and assignments. Having a reliable all-in-one computer that can handle multiple hours of use each day is important, especially when balancing school work and leisure time. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 delivers optimum performance, while also allowing you to take it wherever you go. The Surface Pen gives students the ability to mark-up webpages, sign documents, take notes and more.

Because dorm rooms are typically single room spaces, many are not equipped with enough electrical outlets to power all of your electrical devices. Have no fear though, the Staples PowerCube is here! Instead of lining the room with unattractive power cords, the PowerCube is a compact hub for all electrical needs, making it a must-have essential.

Posters are a quintessential décor item for every dorm room. Posters can transform your temporary home into a personalized space. To avoid damaging walls, which is sometimes tricky, use Command Picture Hanging Strips to easily fasten posters onto any wall surface. These strips are easy to remove and leave no marks behind.

These dorm room essentials will help to personalize and distinguish your space effectively, making you feel at home, while ultimately helping you to succeed at college.