Must-Haves When Leaving for College

The time has come to make one of the biggest transitions in life. Graduating from high school and accepting a college offer is an exciting milestone, one that’s surrounded by a whirlwind of emotions like excitement, pride and even a little bit of nervousness. Being prepared and organized can help reduce some of the stress that accompanies the transition. This blog aims to help make the best out of your time at school and making sure that your new dorm room feels like home.

Starting with the first basic necessity to ensure success – the desk!  Space is limited in dorm rooms and finding a functional desk that fits such a small face can be difficult. A good option is the Staples Cormac Computer Cart, which comes with all the features you need for organization and it doesn’t take up too much room. You can take this desk on your school adventure, from dorm room, to student housing, to your first apartment.

And every good desk needs a great chair. Sitting for long periods of time can have a negative effect on your body, so it’s important to ensure that your chair is ergonomically correct and safe to use. The Vexa Mesh Back Chair is built with students in mind with features that help ensure back safety and good posture.

A good lamp is important to a complete the studying experience. The lighting in dorms is rarely sufficient, so make sure to buy a strong light to make your room is a squint-free zone.

Although the big items are important when moving in, the little things can help make you feel at home. adhesive putty for walls is great when you want to bring memories with you and post photos on your dorm room wall.

A Keurig is great for quick coffee in the morning, and can help you save a few dollars on buying coffee. Don’t forget to stock up on boxes of coffee pods! You’ll be glad you did after late nights studying for exams. A good tip: you can brew hot water in under a minute by using the same steps as brewing coffee, and leaving out the coffee pod. This is a great way to get hot water for quick meals, like instant noodles, when you’re too busy to go out to eat.

The little things add up and can make a big difference, so remember to personalize and make it your own.