Changing the world—one company at a time—with green energy

As today is World Environment Day, we thought what better time to highlight one of our customers who’s really doing their part to help create a cleaner, healthier world?

In 2014, we began offering a green energy option for our small businesses customers. When an organization signs on, Bullfrog puts 100% green electricity from wind and water sources onto the grid to match the amount of power the company uses.

One business that recently joined the program is TerraCycle Canada, the local branch of an international company that collects difficult-to-recycle packaging and products and repurposes them into affordable, innovative products. (You can find their new selection of Zero Waste Boxes online at

“Everyone in our office knew about Bullfrog Power already, the lawn signs with the iconic frog logo are a common sight here in Toronto,” said Vanessa Farquharson, who is the Communications Manager at TerraCycle Canada.

“As a company dedicated to recycling difficult waste streams and helping people move toward zero-waste lifestyles, we felt it only made sense to take the next green step and power our office with renewable energy. But we weren’t sure how to get started and how much paperwork there might be, and whether our landlord would need to get involved—so it got put on the back-burner.”

“Then one afternoon, while browsing through the website, one of our managers noticed the Bullfrog Power Green Electricity package for 1 to 10 employees and realized we could make this happen in a few clicks. It was so straightforward and the price was so reasonable, we just went ahead with it.”

According to Farquharson, “There was no way we could go totally off-grid or move into a straw-bale workspace, so we chose to do the next best thing and bullfrogpower our office.”

“Now we’re very proud to tell our collectors and brand partners because it shows we’re “walking the walk,” which is so important in the green sector. It demonstrates a firm commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and supporting renewable energy projects.”

You see, Bullfrog uses its customers’ support to help build new green energy projects across Canada – like solar panels on schools and hockey rinks, and wind projects with First Nations communities.

Through the program, companies also have access to a series of marketing and social tools to help them get the word out about their support for green energy.

“We plan on boasting about our bullfrogpowered office in as many ways as possible—no modesty here!” says Farquharson. “We’ve only just started, but it would be interesting to see if we could also bullfrogpower our actual recycling operations, warehouses and even shipments from our collectors.”

Since April 2013, Staples Canada has been choosing 100% renewable electricity from Bullfrog Power for our Home Office, Staples Advantage Head Office, 10 Staples Canada stores and four Copy & Print Productions Centres across the country. We’re proud to be the 10th largest purchaser of Bullfrog’s green power in Canada.

You can read more about the product at We hope to see you in the bullfrogpowered community!

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