The New Boxing Day: Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday Moving North of the Border?

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Ask anyone in Canada about the biggest shopping day of the year and time and time again they’ll tell you it’s Boxing Day. If you ask the same question to our friends south of the border they’ll tell you it’s Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday. Black Friday falls on the day following U.S. Thanksgiving Day and it offers shoppers promotional sales that help kick off the shopping season (it falls on Nov 23 this year). Americans also participate in Cyber Monday to take advantage of exclusive online deals (it falls on Nov 26 this year).


Canadians Expect Deals on Black Friday

With such good deals, it’s no wonder that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are taking Canadians by storm. According to a recent survey by Staples Canada and Vision Critical, 84% of Canadians now know about Black Friday and 48% of Canadians now know about Cyber Monday. And, in fact, 60% of Canadians now expect to get deals as good as they would get on Boxing Day on Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well.


More Canadians Plan to Shop Black Friday

Though only 17% of Canadians have shopped these days in previous years, 40% say that they intend to shop on Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday this year. After breaking these numbers down by gender, 42% of men, and 40% of women are planning to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year.


They Want More Tech

So what will theybe spending their money on? The answer is tech products. More than half of Canadians who are planning to shop want to get the best prices on tech. And in fact, a whopping 63% plan to spend their hard earned money on technology, and of that number, 33% plan to buy  desktops, laptos and ultrabooks, 29% want to buy tablets and eReaders, 28% plan to purchase monitors and TVs, 20% are looking at cameras and camcorders, 18%  want mobile and mobile accessories, and 18% want to buy video games. When Canadians were asked what products they were most interested in seeing offers for, desktops, laptops and ultrabooks were their top choice.


How Your Business Can Profit

As a small business owner you know that holidays are a good time to market special offers, so create some Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday promotions and increase your revenue. Since this trend is just starting to catch on in Canada, you have the unique opportunity to market your products directly to customers without all the clutter that occurs during Boxing Week. By breaking through the clutter you’ll have a better chance at getting your promotion in front of the customers particularly if you operate in the tech sector.


On the flip side, some Canadian retailers have started to introduce Black Friday deals so if you’re looking to cross a few items of your tech wish list now may be a good time to make those purchases and save yourself some money.