Would you prefer one computer for work and play?

By:  John Cammalleri


We’re encouraged to bring our own beer to parties, wine to restaurants and now many companies are considering letting employees bring their own devices to work.

The “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend has employers and employees alike buzzing about the freedom to choose the smartphone they are most comfortable with, but the same level of uptake isn’t there when it comes to computers.

According to a recent survey of over 1,000 SMB owners and employees, BYO “C” (bring your own computer) isn’t a popular choice for Canadian SMBs, with 78 per cent of SMB owners and managers indicating that they have no intention of adopting a BYOC policy in the near future. SMB employees aren’t asking for it either – 71 per cent of those surveyed said no factors would entice them to bring their personal computer to work.

Why are people shying from BYOC? Perceived work-life balance is at the core, with 63 per cent saying a desire to keep their professional and personal lives separate would prevent them from wanting to use a personal computer at work.

Some other notable statistics the survey revealed:

  • 89 per cent of Canadians have a personal computer in addition to a work computer
  • Only 15 per cent of SMB owners and managers currently allow employees to bring their own computers to work
  • Canadians overwhelmingly believe that providing a PC is the responsibility of the business – only five per cent of respondents who own personal computers said they would want to bring it to work to conduct business activities.

Before jumping on the latest BYOC trend, make sure to evaluate the needs of your company to determine if the policy would benefit your employees and your business. Below are a few key areas to consider:

  • Data security: 43 per cent of SMB employees said they wouldn’t want to use a personal computer at work because they don’t want to deal with the security risk of having corporate data on a personal PC, and 71 per cent of SMB owners and managers said they would not allow employees to use their own computers at work, noting security concerns
  • Employee preference: 36 per cent of SMB employees noted they want separate computers because they don’t want to be responsible for security and maintenance
  • HR/legal issues: 48 per cent of respondents cited legal and HR issues associated with using a personal computer at work.

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