The 90% Rule:What’s your next big opportunity!  By Ken Tencer and John Paulo Cardoso

35e52679cf980bd57144dc96777b343256a6a0a0-thumbSteve Jobs has said ‘Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower’.

The 90% Rule illustrates how entrepreneurial thinking can inspire innovative and sustainable growth in your organization. And you certainly don’t have to be a BIG organization to put their five-step program into action and benefit from this way of thinking.

According to the book, there are six general categories that will benefit from The 90% Rule:

  1. Focusing a new management team (or re-focusing an existing one)
  2. Preparing for a funding initiative
  3. The family business in transition
  4. When sales plateau
  5. There are more opportunities than resources
  6. There are shifts in markets and customer needs

Rick Spence (president of Canadian Entreprenueur Communications, National Entrepreneurship Columnist, National Post Columnist, Former editor and publisher of PROFIT magazine – and contributor to this blog) wrote the preface to the book. He suggests that you read through the book quickly to understand the process – then go through it again to do the exercises you deem most valuable for your business. All good advice.

To quote Mr. Spence: “Winning companies take what they know and leverage that knowledge to challenge new markets – building on strength rather than random chance.”

This is definitely a book that forces you to observe your business in a new light. Taking your business through the five-step program will be enlightening. The five steps are as follows: Revisiting your roots to create new growth → Exploring what you can be, not what you are → Building a relevant brand → Leveraging with the 90% RuleTM → Mapping your opportunities.

The book is only 177 pages – and you’ll be able to get through those 177 pages quickly enough to understand the process and determine the exercises best suited to your business – I think you’ll agree; it’s a very worthwhile investment of your time.

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Ken Tencer is Chief Executive Officer of Spyder Works Inc., and a successful entrepreneur who has built international companies that span manufacturing, product development, distribution and professional services. As CEO of Spyder Works, he has helped numerous businesses and not-for-profit corporations create move effective growth.

John Paulo Cardoso is Chief Creative Officer of Spyder Works Inc. and a world-class creative director who believes that true design brings meaning to the mass of unrelated needs, wants ideas and perceptions. With over twenty years of experience in design, John has used his unconventional thinking to help clients develop packaging, brands and corporate identities in many industries, from emerging businesses to multinational corporations.

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